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As a business owner, you make decisions every day. And chances are you’ve tried to do your own accounting at some point. You’re so accustomed to doing everything on your own that you probably thought, “how bad can it be?” 

Then you realized...pretty bad. If your zone of genius isn’t accounting, you’re in the right place. At Clarity Bookkeeping, we are serious about accurate record keeping. By using Quickbooks Online, we can ensure your experience with us is efficient, accurate, and seamless. 

If you’re considering using Clarity Bookkeeping, but are nervous about making the switch to Quickbooks, we’re here to show you how beneficial switching to this all-in-one accounting software can be for your business.

What is Quickbooks? 

Quickbooks by Intuit is an all-in-one accounting software for businesses, and it’s also the software we love here at Clarity Bookkeeping. By using Quickbooks, you can: 

• Track your income and expenses so that you ALWAYS know where your money is going 
• Create professional-looking invoices 
• Accept payments with ease 
• Collect detailed receipts (hello, tax deductions!) 
• Track car mileage, so you never miss a millimeter 
• Get strong insights into how your business is performing 
• Track your time to make hourly work seamless 
• Pay your employees with ease 
• Keep tabs on all of your inventory 

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1) Less data entry = less money out of your wallet 

By using Quickbooks, we’re able to give you a great experience.

 See how Quickbooks can save you time, money and energy.

Hiring a bookkeeper may feel like a big expense, but it doesn’t have to be. Since Quickbooks is such a powerful software, we’re able to move more efficiently with our data entry for your business. And less time on our end means you’re getting billed for less hours.

2) Multi-currency and multi-payment options 

Your clients can choose which currency they’d like to pay with AND the method that they’d like to use to pay. More payment options mean you’re easier to pay and you’re more likely to get paid on time. 

3) Access your numbers from anywhere 

Quickbooks Online is accessible from a variety of devices, so you can know your finances in real time, all the time. 

4) Track project profitability

Ever wonder how profitable each job is to your overall business? No more guessing because with Quickbooks you can see how profitable your individual projects are. 

And when you combine Quickbooks online with Clarity Bookkeeping, the result is easier accounting for your business.

1) It makes our bookkeepers more efficient 

We ALWAYS have your records right at our fingertips. This means if you call us or have a question, we can easily pull all of your records and solve your problem on the spot.

2) Collaboration is a breeze

Want to talk something through with us? Quickbooks makes collaborating with our bookkeepers simple so that you’re always kept in the loop. 

3) You don’t have to wait for statements

Everything in Quickbooks happens in real time so we can see your financial transactions as they are happening. No more waiting for end-of-month statements.

4) Report generating is a golden feature

You can always get a report detailing your financials. This way there is no guessing and wondering how your company is doing.

5) We can track everything you need to know 

Quickbooks prepares and tracks sales tax along with T5018 for subcontractors. You can rest easy knowing everything is going smoothly and the CRA won’t be breathing down your neck, looking for mistakes. 

we use quickbooks because:

Let’s talk about money.

When you work with Clarity Bookkeeping, we’re able to offer you wholesale pricing for Quickbooks. You’ll get this powerful software for 50% off each month.

Here at Clarity Bookkeeping, we’re passionate about taking accounting off of your business plate. By using Quickbooks, we make the process easy, collaborative and seamless so you can focus on what matters most…

Your thriving business!

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