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Do you do Taxes?

No Clarity strongly believes you should always have two eyes on the books. It is always good to have an external year end Tax Accountant to process your T2 or T1. Clarity would be happy to recommend Tax Accountants we work with.

Do you work at our location?

No, Clarity performs all duties at our location. This allows our bookkeepers to be more efficient, with less travel time. Thus transferring the savings on to you.

Do you do Payroll?

Yes, we do everything payroll! You name it, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today!

What Accounting Software do you work with?

Clarity works with Quickbooks Online, this allows our team to keep everything under the same platform. Quickbooks is also easily integratable with other softwares, ei, Shopify, POS systems, Payworks etc.

How much do you charge?

Clarity offers hourly and monthly rates, these rates vary depending on the service required. Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with our rates and options.

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